Intercomprehension is a form of communicating in which a person uses his/her own language to understand the language used by the other person(s). The concept is linked to interculture (interaction between one or more cultures) by respecting diversity, empathy and non-oral communication skills: understand a language, understand a culture. This approach gives special importance to the comprehension (reading, listening) rather than the production (writing, speaking). INTERMOVE will include the intercomprehension of Latin Languages (French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) and English, contributing to the social cohesion in all EU. The INTERMOVE training will be performed by blending the intercultural preparation and the use of language intercomprehension together.

What is Intercomprehension?

NTERMOVE aims to favour International Mobility for Training and Education purposes by creating an open and collaborative addressed to mentors dealing with the pre-departure and upon-arrival preparation of trainees and students, providing them with resources for b-learning, e-learning and face to face training sessions. If you are an institution active in mobility programmes (VET institutions and schools, universities, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs, Youth Associations), INTERMOVE could be particularly useful for you!

Whom does INTERMOVE address?
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