The final conference of the INTERMOVE project was a huge success!


Last Tuesday took place in Seville the final conference of INTERMOVE, during which we had the opportunity to present the project, show the results of more than two years of work, talk about the training pathway of INTERMOVE and we also discuss the future prospects of the project.

Among other activities and conferences, Santiago García, president of  EfVET, discussed the impact of Erasmus+ mobility in VET centers and we also celebrated a multiplier event of ROI-MOB (a project that addresses the measure of return on investment from EU VET mobility).

From INTERMOVE, we want to thank the speakers for their interesting contributions and all the assistants who accompanied us. Thank you very much!








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Final Conference: “Seeking excellence in educational mobility”

The final conference of the INTERMOVE project: “Seeking excellence in educational mobility: INTERMOVE and ROI MOB, 2 succesful cases” will take place on November 14 at the Heliopolis VET school (C / Guadalbullón 1, 41013 Sevilla). You can consult the complete agenda of the conference here

The participation in this event is free but subject to inscription. You can register here


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Train the Trainers of INTERMOVE in Seville



During the last days we are holding the activity Train the Trainers of INTERMOVE at the headquarter of INCOMA in Seville (Spain).

This event involved 17 participants from various local organizations such as Fundación Sopeña, as well as special guests from Italian training center IIS Pertio Levi.

This training is aimed at people linked to European mobility projects and is based on learning to detect the needs of students during the period of mobility, the creation of learning paths and interaction with the e-learning platform.

Many thanks to the participants for helping us to test the INTERMOVE training materials!



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Pilot training within the framework of the INTERMOVE project


This week INCOMA has carried out a pilot training within the framework of the INTERMOVE project. This training has been aimed at participants in mobility programs from Italy and Germany who are carrying out their international internships in Seville, as well as students from Fundación Sopeña who plan to participate in a mobility project abroad during this course.

Best wishes to the participants from INTERMOVE!




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A course on intercomprehension and intercultural communication will be held in Viseu

A course on intercomprehension and intercultural communication will be held in October and November in Viseu, Portugal, aimed at future trainers belonging to different local organisations who want to prepare their students for international mobility projects. They will be taught in the INTERMOVE methodology to evaluate trainees’ needs, create their pathway and interact with the INTERMOVE platform.

You can register here.


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Collaborative learning workshop in Seville

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE


During the last week, a training for trainers took place in Seville in which all the partners of the project have participated, as well as other participants from institutions not belonging to the partnership. Through different activities, we have dealt with topics related to interculturality and intercomprehension, with the ultimate goal of training those in charge of training participants in mobility programs. The participants in these conferences have also received a certificate with the INTERMOVE label, which will allow them to provide this training in their respective institutions.


From INTERMOVE, we thank the participation of the members of Fundación Sopeña, ENAIP Piemonte and the National University of Asunción.

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

Collaborative learning workshop in Seville- INTERMOVE

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During this week we are participating in a training for trainers in Viseu


During this week we are participating in a training for trainers organized in the framework of the INTERMOVE project in Viseu (Portugal), as well as a new partners meeting. In these sessions we are testing the training materials that have been developed during the project, with the aim of implementing them later in the online training platform that is currently under development. We leave you with some pictures taken during these days.






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INTERMOVE: the importance of the mutual understanding and multiculturalism



We bring you some photos of the multiplier event “INTERMOVE: the importance of the mutual understanding and multiculturalism in the mobilities” that took place in Seville last Thursday at the premises of Cep de Sevilla.

During this event, we had the opportunity to present the project and also carried out a practical activity with attendees, who had to imagine a situation in which they had to use different techniques to make themselves understood in their own language using intercomprehension. Thank you to all participants!



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Today we bring you this infographic on the most spoken languages


Today we bring you this fantastic infographic by Alberto Lucas López on the most spoken languages worldwide. There are at least 7,102 known living #languages in the world today, 23 of which make up the native tongue of 4,1 billion people (there are currently 7,2 billion people on Earth). In this infographic the 23 languages are shown with the number of native speakers (in millions) by country.

The colour of these countries shows how languages have taken root in many different regions

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3rd meeting of INTERMOVE in Bordeaux, France


During the 25th and 26th of November we held the 3rd meeting of INTERMOVE in Bordeaux, France, organized and hosted by Cap Ulysse. On this occasion, partners had the opportunity to analyze the project progress, discuss about the contents of the training path and define the training tools.

In addition, we could start to organize the next training that will be implemented next May in Portugal, where we will test the developed tools in a training that will last a week. On the other hand, partners started to develop the platform that will include the online training. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project soon.


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The European Day of Languages


Yesterday 26th of September was The European Day of Languages, launched by the Council of Europe as a way to promote the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe.

From INTERMOVE, concerned about the importance these days of preserving one´s language and of fostering linguistic and cultural diversity, we are designing a comprehensive training path that will include the intercomprehension in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish blending it with an Intercultural training. More to come soon!

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Haven’t you experienced EUtopia yet?


We are pleased to read that EUtopia, one of the products that will be adapted and integrated into INTERMOVE training path, has earned the admiration of the French National Agency Employment Pôle emploi which now proposes the Serious Game in its site as a tool to boost job- finding.

Haven´t you experienced EUtopia yet? About to embark on a work experience abroad? Before you leave, why don’t you try a virtual mobility? You might meet weird people and cope with strange situations…but we can promise you’ll have fun.

This serious game portraying your first day on a company abroad was designed by Cap Ulysse and other European partners and is part of a general blended training course called M.A.S.T.E.R Mob. It is available in 5 different languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and thanks to the support of Erasmus+ program, expected shortly in German

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The importance of Cultural Awareness


“Cultural awareness and expression is an essential competence for a free and democratic Europe. A solid base and a structural framework for training this competence are paramount for our open and democratic societies. Now more than ever”.

Check this article on the importance of Cultural Awareness and learn more along the report published by the EU what will help you recognize how projects like #INTERMOVE bring an extremely precious resource!

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2nd Meeting at Reggio Emilia: Next Steps Forward

2016-05-09 Meeting italia2

Last 5th & 6th of May, INTERMOVE partnership met for the second time at IFOA headquarters in Reggio Emilia.

During the first day, Juan Guerrero, from INCOMA, opened the meeting by sharing INTERMOVE State of the Art and the advancements reached.

Later on, the first outcome of the project was presented: a report gathering both the cluster of needs for participants in Mobility actions and the analysis on Good Practices in preparation for mobility projects with special focus on IC and Language preparation. To that aim, partners previously undertook surveys targeting mobility- related institutions and simultaneously they carried out a desk&field analyse on potential initiatives in terms of cultural and linguistic preparation. Results and conclusions from the report set the perfect starting point for discussion on the design of INTERMOVE.

The report presentation was followed by a working session in which all partners had the opportunity to dig deep into the Course Structure together. We had the pleasure to count with the presence of one of the member of the Advisory Board, from UNISER, that will validate INTERMOVE products throughout the Project’s execution. His contribution as external validator and as expert on Mobility was really beneficial to start shaping the course.

First dissemination materials have already been launched and partners checked together the INTERMOVE Brochure. We have just activated INTERMOVE online channels and the FB Fan page is also running.  Stay tuned and help us spreading the word about INTERMOVE!

2016-05-09 Meeting italia1

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