There are two different sections on the e-learning platform:

  • Students: you can enrol yourself as a student, and then your profile will be managed by your trainer.
  • Trainers/facilitators: if you want to access to the trainers’ or facilitators’ section, please contact the administrator from your country. This administrator will change your student roll into a trainers’ one, so you will have the chance to manage your group of students/trainees. Please, find the contact list bellow.

There are different Learning pathways that can be structured according to the needs of the mobility beneficiaries and the facilitator can choose which units to use to achieve their objective according to the competences they want to develop, as such the training modules are designed to be flexible.

There are two types of certificates:

  • In case you wish your students to complete a full module, they will be able to download the module’s certificate.
  • In case you prefer to follow a learning pathway, mixing different units from different modules in order to gain a concrete competence, there is a template of a certificate that can be modified as preferred. This way the facilitator will certify the desired competence.