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Second Partner Meeting in Viseu 

In September we celebrated the second partner meeting of our project. This meeting was held in Viseu, Portugal, and was hosted by one of our Portuguese partners, UCP. 

During this meeting, had the opportunity to discuss about the ongoing activities of the project, especially about the learning contents that former INTERMOVE partners have created for the improvement of the INTERMOVE model.  

Partners had some time as well to schedule the upcoming tasks and organise the work plan that they will follow to continue with the implementation of the project. The event was also an opportunity for us to meet once again and enjoy some time together. 


Presentation of INTERMOVE for Trainers’ training programme 

During the first part of the project’s implementation, partners worked in the development of the contents of the training programme to be delivered to new partners and, at a later stage, to other educational and mobility institutions.  

Taking as a reference the learning pathway of the previous project, former partners of INTERMOVE further developed it by adding new activities and tools and including contents referred to methodological and didactic approach.  

Finally, the training is structured in three different modules that focus on Intercomprehension and Interculturality and also in the general aspects related to INTERMOVE model, trainers’ role and tools to deliver the sessions. 

The contents were tested within the partnership during the transnational training sessions held in Viseu and Seville and are now being adapted according to the feedback obtained. The final version will be released soon, so partners can use it during their training to third local organisations. 

Transnational training sessions for the partnership 

Once the first version of the contents had been prepared, two training activities were organised within the partnership with the aim of training new partners in the INTERMOVE model and enable them to subsequently deliver the training to new local organisation.  

To this purpose, former INTERMOVE partners carried out two trainings, with a duration of one week each. The first training was held in September in Viseu, Portugal, and was delivered by our colleagues of UCP and ITT. These sessions focused on the contents of Module 2, related to Intercomprehension. The second training was implemented one month later in Seville, Spain, where IFOA, Cap Ulysse and INCOMA were in charge of delivering the contents. These sessions addressed modules 1 and 3 dedicated respectively to the presentation of the INTERMOVE model and to Interculturality. 

More than 20 participants from the partnership took part in the training sessions, who are ready to train others in the INTERMOVE model. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.