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INTERMOVE FOR TRAINERS aims at extending and transferring the INTERMOVE model to other partner organizations active in mobility programmes in Italy, Portugal, France, Ireland and Spain. For this purpose a specialised training of trainers and mobility leaders is necessary in order to be able to train other organizations.

Thus, this project takes a step further by developing an innovative specialized training for trainers programme that will not only will allow partner organizations to train their mobility participants (pre-departure and/or upon-arrival) but train other third organizations on the INTERMOVE model and certify them with the INTERMOVE label, becoming INTERMOVE experts and multipliers of this model.

 If you are an institution active in mobility programmes (VET institutions and schools, universities, Chamber of Commerce, NGOs, Youth Associations), INTERMOVE could be particularly useful for you!
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Final Conference INTERMOVE for TRAINERS
INTERMOVE training at the European Vocational Skills week 2020
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Since the launching of INTERMOVE project in 2015, and the follow-up of its successor INTERMOVE for Trainers, significant results have been achieved, always oriented to the improvement of the quality of mobility experiences across Europe. These results are available for any stakeholder willing to use them to provide better solutions to participants in mobilities.

The design and development of the INTERMOVE and INTERMOVE for Trainers courses, the recognition of trained institutions with the INTERMOVE Label or the set up of the INTERMOVE Network are some of the most prominent deliverables of this innovative proposal.

If you wish to deepen into the results of both Projects, you can check all of them down below!


INTERMOVE For Trainers Results

Trained students
Trained teachers
Attendees to project dissemination events


To have a relevant impact and expand the INTERMOVE model to all interested stakeholders, INTERMOVE for Trainers will work on the development of a comprehensive and coherent set of activities aimed at the achievement of the objectives of the project.

Design of the training programme and preparation of the contents
Implementation of the specialised training programme
Fine-tuning and validation
Design, development and kick-off of INTERMOVE Network
Training actions to third organisations and recognition with the INTERMOVE Label

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What is intercomprehension?

Intercomprehension is a form of communicating in which a person uses his/her own language to understand the language used by the other person(s). The concept is linked to interculture (interaction between one or more cultures) by respecting diversity, empathy and non-oral communication skills: understand a language, understand a culture. This approach gives special importance to the comprehension (reading, listening) rather than the production (writing, speaking). 

INTERMOVE includes the intercomprehension of Latin Languages (French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish) and English, contributing to the social cohesion in all EU. 

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.