INTERMOVE+ seeks to provide an answer to the needs related to learning mobility providing learners with skills for a changing labour market, making mobilities more inclusive and offering digital and blended forms of mobility.

Therefore, the preparation of learners to better integrate into their hosting countries is a crucial aspect to enhance the success, and attractiveness, of learning mobilities, especially as the number of mobility beneficiaries is expected to continue increasing in the coming years in line with EU priorities and goals, and institutions active in learning mobility mainstream digital education.

The answer provided by INTERMOVE+ is developing a training pathway for preparing mobility beneficiaries that, thanks to a technology‐enhanced learning environment and innovative pedagogical approaches, will favour the development of transversal competencies in 6 different areas that are crucial for successful mobility experiences: Interculturality, Plurilingual Communication, Digital and Media Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Think and Act Green, and Emotional Intelligence.

This new version of INTERMOVE+ aims at providing mobility beneficiaries new competences that will accompany them during their mobility period and during their whole life. The new format of INTERMOVE+ is based on synchronous and asynchronous training, thus facilitating an open use and blended and online training. Moreover, the modules are divided into units that can be part of different learning pathways, according to the competence to be achieved. Therefore, the trainers will be able to combine the different modules according to the students’ needs.

Previous projects

Since the launching of INTERMOVE project in 2015, and the follow-up of its successor INTERMOVE for Trainers, significant results have been achieved, always oriented to the improvement of the quality of mobility experiences across Europe. These results are available for any stakeholder willing to use them to provide better solutions to participants in mobilities.

The design and development of the INTERMOVE and INTERMOVE for Trainers courses, the recognition of trained institutions with the INTERMOVE Label or the set up of the INTERMOVE Network are some of the most prominent deliverables of this innovative proposal.

If you wish to deepen into the results of both Projects, you can check all of them below!

INTERMOVE For Trainers Results


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