#Press Release 3: INTERMOVE+ Final Conference

The INTERMOVE+ Final Conference was a success. It took place at IES Politécnico (Seville, Spain) on 19 June, with 110 attendees.

The conference was attended by mobilities beneficiaries, facilitators, VET teachers, the project partnership and students from the institution.

In a first part, INCOMA, as project coordinator, presented the results and made a small virtual tour through the e-learning platform.

Afterwards, the keynote speakers, Concepción Gonzalo and Chiara Mafioli, mobility project technicians at Intermobility, gave a speech on the benefits of the project for mobility.

Finally, a round table was held with the participation of Pilar Naranjo (INCOMA), Myriam Aspe (Sopeña), Martina Lampobarda (IFOA), Chiara Dell’Amico (IFOA), and Filomena Capucho (Universidade Católica Portuguesa) on their experience in previous editions of the project and on the benefits and improvements of the current edition.

It is worth mentioning that during these days the final meeting of the project has also taken place, where all the results have been reviewed and the last steps to complete the work have been discussed.