#Press Release 2: INTERMOVE+: E-Learning Platform Available

INTERMOVE+ offers engaging and inclusive digital education opportunities to introduce technology-enhanced approaches to the preparation of beneficiaries of VET learning mobility, while maintaining a high level of interaction among learners in a multicultural environment.

Hence, the INTERMOVE+ training pathway can be delivered 100% online, through an e-learning platform. In other words, the INTERMOVE+ Training Toolkit on 6 competence areas for mobility beneficiaries is offered through a technology‐enhanced learning environment that features appealing design elements for increased engagement, attractiveness and interaction among their users and beneficiaries.

Together with a pedagogical framework adapted to the requirement of digital environments, these elements contribute to making learning more engaging and rewarding, in line with the new paradigm that resulted from the impact of COVID-19 in Education and Training systems.

Therefore, the INTERMOVE+ E-Learning Platform grants access to the INTERMOVE+ customisable training pathway for both: mobility beneficiaries and mobility practitioners, VET teachers and trainers, and mentors and tutors of mobility projects (i.e., those that will facilitate the training). As such, the INTERMOVE+ E-Learning Platform includes a specific section for Facilitators, where they are able to find an overview of all training contents.