16-11-2017 The final conference of the INTERMOVE project was a huge success!


26-10-2017 Final Conference: “Seeking excellence in educational mobility”


04-10-2017 Train the Trainers of INTERMOVE in Seville


28-09-2017 Pilot training within the framework of the INTERMOVE project


25-09-2017 Last week the IFOA partners carried out the INTERMOVE  pilot training


05-09-2017 A course on intercomprehension and intercultural communication will be held in Viseu


12-06-2017 Collaborative learning workshop in Seville


10-05-2017 During this week we are participating in a training for trainers in Viseu


13-02-2017 INTERMOVE: the importance of the mutual understanding and multiculturalism


14-12-2016 Today we bring you this infographic on the most spoken languages


25-11-2016 3rd meeting of INTERMOVE in Bordeaux, France


07-11-2016 Lengua madre sólo hay una


28-10-2016 Intercultural Communication Adventure with Little Pilot


21-09-2016  A «Psychological» Optical Illusion


11-09-2016  Haven’t you experienced EUtopia yet?


09-08-2016  9 easy languages for english speakers


06-07-2016  The importance of Cultural Awareness


09-05-2016  2nd Meeting at Reggio Emilia: Next Steps Forward


26-04-2016  ONSITE Dissemination event- Bordeaux


12-04-2016  Cultural training: the master key to an efficient job performance abroad


08-04-2016  The importance of preserving one´s language- a first approach to intercomprehension rationale


02-12-2015  Kick-off Meeting in Tralee – Warming up the engines!