#Press Release 1: INTERMOVE+: New competences for mobility practitioners

Digital and Media Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence, Think and Act Green, and new contents of Interculturality and Intercomprehension are the main areas covering this new edition of the project.

INTERMOVE+ seeks to provide an answer to the needs related to learning mobility, such as traditional problems like economic and linguistic barriers, and new needs such as providing learners with skills for a changing labour market, making mobility more inclusive and offering digital and blended forms of mobility.

Therefore, the preparation of learners to better integrate into their hosting countries is a crucial aspect to enhance the success – and attractiveness – of learning mobility, especially as the number of mobility beneficiaries is expected to continue increasing in the coming years in line with EU priorities and goals, and institutions active in learning mobility mainstream digital education.
The answer provided by INTERMOVE+ is developing a training pathway for preparing mobility beneficiaries that, thanks to a technology‐enhanced learning environment and innovative pedagogical approaches, will favour the development of transversal competencies in 6 different areas that are crucial for successful mobility experiences: Interculturality, Plurilingual Communication, Digital and Media Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Think and Act Green, and Emotional Intelligence.

Result 1: Training toolkit.
During the first months of the project, the consortium has developed the new training contents based on the topics previously mentioned, divided in 5 modules:
– Module 1: Digital and media literacy.
– Module 2: Entrepreneurship.
– Module 3: Emotional intelligence.
– Module 4: Think and act green.
– Module 5: Interculturality and intercomprehension.

These modules were developed focusing on a digital format and combining synchronous and asynchronous approach. A handbook was developed to help mobility providers implement these contents.

Result 2: E-learning Platform.
The five modules were uploaded into the e-learning platform with interactive contents.
The platform has two sessions: one for trainers and one for students. In the trainers’ session, you can find the handbook and specific guidelines to implement both, the synchronous and asynchronous contents. On the other hand, the students ‘session has specific guidelines for them.
The platform has been tested and it is currently being fine-tuned.


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